coldfusion 11 installation

I know that its late for this post, however, I just assisted one of the users recently with ColdFusion 11 installation. This led me to the conclusion, that, there are still users who haven’t upgraded to ColdFusion 11 or are in a process of.

Installation for ColdFusion is not complicated, and the installer screens are self explanatory. However, there are changes in ColdFusion 11 process. Adobe’s document explains the difference of various profiles introduced in ColdFusion 11. Three profiles are introduced namely – Development profile, Production profile and Production profile (secure).

Depending on the type of profile selected during the installation, the server will be automatically configured with the appropriate settings. Choose the right profile in the installer:


The following table shows the difference between the 3 supported Server profiles:

Feature Development Profile Production Profile Production Profile (Secure)
Support for all types of debugging Yes No No
Support for remote inspection Yes No No
Support for strict enforcement of complex passwords No Yes Yes
Support for remote start/stop Yes No No
Support for Weinre and other bundled servers (For instance, Node.js) Yes No No
Support for enabling unused servlets Yes No No
Support for Secure Profile. No No Yes

Need help for installation, these two demos will definitely help you to get going.

ColdFusion 11 Installation – Developer Profile

ColdFusion 11 Installation – Production Profile


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