Remote server settings lost after restart, now fixed in ColdFusion Builder 3

Recently, I blogged about Setting up ColdFusion Builder 3 with a remote server. One of the comment was related to a bug in ColdFusion Builder 3. CFB3 was not retaining “Remote servers” after the restart. The settings were lost after restarting CFB 3. This bug was fixed in the latest installer available at ColdFusion Builder 3. Yes, the installer was updated with this fix with the release of CF10 Update 15/CF11 Update 3. You can check, whether you are at the current version or not. Check the build number (Help>>Product Details), in your CFB3. If it is not 292483, then, you need the latest installer on your server.

Also, regarding the original post on Adobe ColdFusion Blog, enabling RDS is not recommended on Production servers.


19 thoughts on “Remote server settings lost after restart, now fixed in ColdFusion Builder 3

  1. Is that fix really only available if you reinstall CFBuilder with the updated installer? Why isn’t it being rolled out through the built-in updater in CFBuilder?


    • Carl, This fix is only available with updated installer only. Currently, this is the only mechanism, how its rolled out. I understand that, this is not a viable solution.


  2. Ouch. I just did the ‘check for updates’ thing in CFB and it is *not* showing anything. This is not good. When will the update be available for people who have already installed CFB?


    • Ray, This fix is only available with updated installer only. So, you will not find it as “available update” within CFB3. There is very less possibility that, it would be pushed via regular update mechanism. You can raise a ticket with Adobe.


  3. When I first posted about the bug “Remote server settings lost after restart”, my intention was not to criticize, just to notify. When I saw Adobe taking the time to explain a process (one I use a lot), I wanted to ensure that they weren’t surprised by the result.

    Now, was I surprised that a) this was fixed and b) it wasn’t just auto-updated? Yes. But you know what, mistakes happen. I’m a developer and I make lots of them too! CFB3 was a major re-write and I can only guess that it was incredibly difficult so maybe fixing the installer was the only way. I agree with @BigMadKev that it was it a pain to have to re-install all my plug-ins, but for me, it was worth it not to have to recreate my servers every time from RDS just to be able to debug!

    In my eyes, I’m just happy the problem was fixed. To be honest, lately I’ve seen Adobe’s CF team fixing more bugs than ever. In my opinion, the real problem here lies in the fact that there was never a communication about a new installer. Just look at the surprise it generated. In my case, I was the one who first reported the bug and I wasn’t even notified that it had been fixed.

    This isn’t the first time either. Just yesterday in the office, we just spent a lot of time trying to install CF10 on a Windows 2012 fresh install. It just wouldn’t install. We searched and search and all traces pointed to an installer problem on a 64bit system. I know I’ve seen that before with CFB3 and Windows 8. But again, do you know what really surprised me? There is a solution that was created and never made fully public. I’m now referring to a special installer for CF10 that allows you to install to a Windows 2012 64bit server. Were it not for our hosting company’s help, we would have never even known about this special installer. I mean, although all the CF10 installers were quickly removed by Adobe upon the announcement of CF11, I downloaded everything the had and that installer wasn’t there.

    In a nutshell, the fixing is going great and I love the fact you’re all blogging more. Communication is key for us!

    The praise: I can’t end a long comment like this without praise. I love ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder. Both have come a long way over the years. Today, using CFB3 with MyLyn and eGit, I’m more productive than I’ve ever been.

    Keep up the good work Adobe. Do we whine sometimes? Sure. But please know that all of your work is greatly appreciated and I use it everyday 🙂


  4. Dave, I appreciate your worthy comments. CFB3 had this minor issue, but as you quoted, the impact was, a lot. Add RDS info on every restart, is a pain. So, the key point was to fix it. Frankly, I am not the decision maker for CF/CFB. So, I am not sure, why the fix was released in a fresh installer and not in the updater. I didn’t find any notification for CFB3 (new installer with this fix) on official CF blog and blogged here.

    AFAIK, regarding the new CF10 installer for Win 2012, we did have an article/notification in place. Here it is


  5. Hey Anit, that’s my point. Look at that release communication: It points you to the “ColdFusion 10 Products Downloads Page” (which, of course, has removed from the site). This is the kind of info that needs to appear ON the product download page.

    When we were warned to download all the CF10 installers from the website before they were removed, I really downloaded everything (right up to the which I’ve never, ever used – but you never know right?). You would think that I would have the last installer build but I didn’t.

    Again, I really do think that Adobe is getting quicker at fixing CF Bugs and the team is showing major improvements on communicating with developers (the CF Summit idea alone is a great example).

    Anyway, thanks for your posts and keep that great info coming!


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    • Brad, This is the only fix, rolled out in CFB3 update 3. Since, there was only one fix included in this update, that’s why, there are no release notes. At least, to my knowledge.


  7. Hi Anit,

    That post discusses CF, but I’m asking about CFB. CFB’s version was 292483 when they fixed the remote server auto-deletion-on-restart issue. But now CFB’s version is 292922. I’m just wondering what is different in 292922?



    • It just has the fix for Japanese OS only. The installer doesn’t recognize the Japanese locale. No changes at feature level has been done, from CFB functionality perspective.


  8. Anit,

    Wait, Adobe pushed **another** updated installer for CFBuilder (apparently on or after January 15th) without telling us? I checked that ColdFusion blog article that announced the new ColdFusion installers, and it made no mention of CFBuilder.

    Once again, installers are updated, but we can’t apply the update to an **existing** installation of CFBuilder via Eclipse because… why? Fortunately for me, I hadn’t reinstalled CFBuilder using the updated installer released in December. But if I had, and then had to reinstall and reconfigure all of my Eclipse plugins, I would now have to do it all over again? Do you folks understand how frustrating this is (not to mention a colossal waste of our time)? That makes two new installers in about a 6-week period. For those of us who use CFBuilder as our primary CF IDE, this is just not cool.

    I’m glad problems are being fixed – really glad. But not rolling those fixes out through the previously used Eclipse update mechanism is unfair to your existing user base.

    -Carl V.


    • Hi Carl,

      The refreshed installer for ColdFusion has fix for Japanese locale and another J2EE session issue. Whereas, refreshed installer for ColdFusion Builder, just has the fix for Japanese OS only. The installer doesn’t recognize the Japanese locale. No changes at feature level has been done, from CFB functionality perspective. You need to re-install or the refreshed installer is only required by you, if you are using Japanese OS.

      Hope this answers your concern.


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