Remote server settings lost after restart, now fixed in ColdFusion Builder 3

Recently, I blogged about Setting up ColdFusion Builder 3 with a remote server. One of the comment was related to a bug in ColdFusion Builder 3. CFB3 was not retaining “Remote servers” after the restart. The settings were lost after restarting CFB 3. This bug was fixed in the latest installer available at ColdFusion Builder 3. Yes, the installer was updated with this fix with the release of CF10 Update 15/CF11 Update 3. You can check, whether you are at the current version or not. Check the build number (Help>>Product Details), in your CFB3. If it is not 292483, then, you need the latest installer on your server.

Also, regarding the original post on Adobe ColdFusion Blog, enabling RDS is not recommended on Production servers.